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One day,

long ago,

there was a bagel...

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...that got eaten by a person on a cross country road trip. Was it the best bagel ever? No. But did it hit the spot? Yes. That person, known as RJ Tolson, happened to be chomping down the aforementioned bagel when he came up for the idea for Shade Force. You may ask what is “Shade”. We would reply “screen from direct light”. OR- if you’re under 40, “to insult or judge someone discreetly or indirectly”. You can thank us later! In the meantime, join the Galactic League of Planet’s Shade Force division, whose members split their time between protecting the timeline from meddling and exploring uncharted space.

Shade Force is distributed by CapriTaurus Media and co-produced by Kevin E. Wood, Joanna Lewis, and RJ Tolson in Los Angeles. Cast members perform from around the world and come together to bring each episode of Shade Force to life. Team C members are played by Cardo Wanzer, Amanda Berning, Jeremiah Barnes, Judy Lewis, Richard Greene, and Cloud Tolson. Episodes are scripted, often with guest writers and new special guest roles per episode. Original series soundtrack by Ronald Tolson II with the opening narrated by Derek Daisey. 


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